2016 - Alexandre Gabriades Hara - Manufacturing Engineering

The PSB reception was great for the international students, giving support for the beginning of the classes. The best part was the fact that PSB houses several international students, so I had the chance to meet literally people from all over the world. The teachers are well groomed, and the classes are interesting. There is nothing to complain about. The campus is very well technologically equipped, and it is located in a young neighborhood and with a lot of commerce, really enjoyable.


Along with the great academic experience, the tourist and cultural experience is fascinating in Paris. The city is wonderful, and it does not matter if I go out every day to get to know a new place, there will always be many others to meet. PSB students always hold events to get to know the city better. The adaptation was good, since I had learned a little bit of French before, I soon managed to do everything I needed, and since that I’m getting everything I need. The culture here is different, but I have already adapted. At first the temperature was around zero degrees, but now it’s better, today is around 13 degrees. I hope to enjoy much more in the months that I’ll remain in this wonderful city! It is a unique experience.

Alexandre Gabriades Hara