2009/2010 - Ana Laura Ferrer - Architecture and Urbanism - Universidade Técnica de Lisboa


I am a Architecture and Urbanism student and my exchange in Mackenzie took place in the academic year 2009/2010.


I arrived alone in São Paulo and the first step was to get accommodation, which was not easy (at least compared to Lisbon, which is a bit difficult). I advise you to go to the international department soon, to speak with Brazilian colleagues and other exchange students and to take a look at the Student Association wall so the process is shorter.

Regarding the campus, it is right in the center of the city, close to a few meters and with quite a few bus stops.


In addition to the excellent location the campus is well organized and maintained. The only negative was the fact that there is no canteen, that is, even if there were bars, restaurants, snack bars, meals ended up being always more expensive than at my university in Lisbon.

In college the teachers were all very accessible and I found the kind of teaching quite different from my home institution, but that leaves me already homesick.


The colleagues are generally welcoming and very friendly and I advise you not to do only groups with exchangers. Make the most of your stay here, whether it's outside or inside college.


It is also important to note that Mackenzie University is highly regarded and therefore was my first choice. The costs of my stay in Sao Paulo were a bit higher than I expected and what I spent in Lisbon. The room was at 270 Euros (all inclusive), or more or less like in Lisbon, food was more expensive (the food itself is cheaper but as none of the meals was in the canteen it ended up being less taken into account), And the nights out also (the discos, in general, are much more expensive than in Lisbon)

Concluding: in the end did not exchange this experience for nothing !! I hope you have as much fun or more than I did and enjoy everything Mackenzie has to offer!

Any doubts: analauraferrer@gmail.com