2007/2008 - Antonio José Rodriges Oliveira - Physical Education - Universidade de Coimbra

Why type a testimonials?
Answer:  I guess writing this testimonial t is a way to new Exchange students get information when choose new experience, and other things.

How is your experience here in Brazil?Answer: I'm loving being here, everyone  - So that other students, with objectives equal or similar to yours, have a notion of how to make an exchange.Answer: to do just enroll in the College itself and then be lucky to get in. After being in the country that you chose is a very good feeling, a different country, new culture, new people, everything from the best, a unique experience.

- obtaining the visa
Answer: Collect and fill out some necessary documents and go to the Consulate in your area of ​​residence-

 Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie
Answer: Physical Education

- System of exams?

Answer: intermediate and final exams


- No of subjects: 7

- teachers: excellent communication

  degree of difficulty: same as my Faculty (Portugal)

- enrolment

- reception(from the university and others brazilians students)
Answer: The best ever
- Housing
Answer:  Student friend
- Country Wheather
Answer: Hot
- costs (accommodation, transport, food, teaching material, others and an approximate total)
Answer: I still do not know approximate values.
- Did you have difficulty attending classes due to language problems?
Answer: none
- What make you  choose Brazil as a destination?
Answer: a dream
- What did you choose Mackenzie?
Answer: reputation
- Are the country and university options satisfying your expectations?
Answer: yes ... they are all as I expected.

Hugs. António