Instructions on how to fill the application form for academic mobility

1- Application form for academic mobility


The application form is divided in ten different sections (A-J) as listed below. You must fill as well print the form with BLACK BLOCK CAPITALS and complete all the sections. The application form is self-explanatory and will not demand more than 1 hour to fill all the gaps. In order to make easier for the International applicants at the beginning of each one of the ten sections there are concise explanations on how to properly fill the gaps and some orientation about why the information in required. You will find bellow the structure of the Application Form for Academic Mobility:


  • SECTION A – Program Details      
  • SECTION B - Your Personal Details
  • SECTION C - Academic Information
  • SECTION D - Nominated Agents
  • SECTION E - Details of Previous Higher Education
  • SECTION F - About Your Language Skills
  • SECTION G – Learning Agreement
  • SECTION H - Supporting Documents/Materials Checklist
  • SECTION I - Proposed Funding Arrangements
  • SECTION J – Declaration


One of the most important parts of the Application form is the learning agreement. You will find the learning agreement at the Section G of the Application form.  As the name itself says, the International Applicant must choose the disciplines/subjects that he/she is intending to study at Mackenzie Presbyterian University (MPU) and propose/request them, by listing them all in the form. The applicant is freely able to choose the discipline/subject from the lists available here. Information about the courses curricula is indicated on the link "Matriz Curricular" of each course available.


The learning agreement must include all the required details (code, name of the discipline/subject, credits/hours and the course) for this reason we strongly recommend the applicants to carefully read the content of each one of the disciplines.


You may need additional information on how to prepare your learning agreement so feel free to contact the International Academic Representative (IAR) – in Portuguese:  Professores representantes internacionais. The IAR is a full-time professor located in each one of our courses; he is the responsible for the Academic issues related to your Mobility. Please, you will find a list with the names of all IARs here.


CLICK HERE for the application form in English.

2- Supporting documents for MPU application


In the Section H of the Application Form for Academic Mobility you will find a warning  to access this page and follow carefully the list of supporting documents for the MPU Application. You must send all supporting documents listed bellow by the deadline for your programme.  Any delay in sending the correct materials to the International Office will most probably result in your application not being considered.


  • Nomination from the Home Institution (Not applicable for Free Movers)


  • Motivation letter (signed by the student)


  • Certificate of Proficiency in Brazilian Portuguese – B2 level.* (except lusophone countries).


  • University Transcript of Records (ToR).


  • Passport copy (page containing you ID/photo and number)


  • Curriculum vitae


PLEASE NOTE: To ensure students are able to follow classes, they need to have attained at least level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in Portuguese. If the applicant does not have a Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese a one semester course will be offered free of charge by MPU.


3 - International health insurance


An International Health Insurance is mandatory for all international students accepted by MPU. By signing the Application form for Academic Mobility, you promise yourself to send a copy of your International Insurance policy and a copy of its card as well to the e-mail address within 10 days after receiving the e-mail from MPU with the copy of the Acceptance Letter.


4 - Additional Requirements 


Students seeking to apply for 01 or 02 semesters academic mobility must have completed at the least three semesters, and have concluded a maximum of 90% of their course back at their home university.


5 - Portuguese for foreigners


As mentioned above, MPU offers to the international students accepted a course of Portuguese for Foreigners. The classes take place at the Mackenzie Language Center (MLC).  Students from partner universities are free of charge, but Free Movers are not.


For further information about the MLC, please CLICK HERE


6 - Tuition and fees


Students from partner universities (including ERAMUS students) are free of charge.


Free Movers students will be required to pay the full tuition and fees according to the course attended at MPU. The monthly tuition for undergraduate courses can be found here. (In order to check the prices, please select the course in the box at the top of the page and scroll down to the field "Mensalidade"). The tuitions change semesterly.


Would you like to check out our partner Institutions? If it is so, please CLICK HERE.


7 - Academic year/ Academic semester


The academic year (school year) usually begins in February and ends in early or late December. Each academic year is composed of two semesters.


The classes of the first semester begins in February and ends in early or late June.


The classes of the second semester begins in August and ends in early or late December.


8 - Finishing your application


In order to finish the application, the student must submit the Form and the documents listed in the item 2, in PDF format to the following e-mail address: