International Academic Representatives


The "International Academic Representatives" (RINT) are teachers nominated by the Director of the Unit and appointed by the Rector to meet the international demands of each Academic Unit.


So you can easily clarify their exchange of questions, we list below the teacher of your unit so you can contact him if you have any questions regarding academic things.

FAU - School of Architecture and Urban Planning -Prof. Charles de Castro Vincent -

FD - School of Law - Prof. Pedro Buck Avelino -  .

FCI - School of Computing and Information Technology Prof. Arnaldo Rabello de Aguia Filho  -


CEFT - Education, Philosophy and Theology Center - Profa. Mary Rosane Ceroni - 



CCBS - Life and Health Sciences Center - Profa. Juliana Masami Morimoto





CCL - Communication, Languages and Literature Center - Prof. Thiago Mori Leite -



CCSA - Social and Applied Sciences - Profa. Liliane Cristina Segura;



EE - School of Engineering - Prof. Thiago da Cruz Canevari -


Campinas Campus - Profa. Suelene Silva Mammana