Joint Supervision

In addition to the general dual/double degree agreements, it is possible to make an individual agreement of joint supervision, when the supervisor and the student of the foreign university find a co-supervisor at MPU, who accepts the student’s project for the effect of joint supervision and dual/double degree. It is important to emphasize that the approval for acceptance of the student and its project is made by the Program Coordinator at MPU. In this case, the International Office supports the MPU co-supervisor in establishing the agreement, which will be valid only for the specific student. To this end, the International Office has models of agreements that can be negotiated with the student’s home university.

After the revision of the Agreement by the International office, the document must receive the seal of the Legal Counsel of MPU before being signed by the Magnificent Rector of the MPU and the President of the Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute – MPI.

The agreement may follow the model suggested by the International Office or the model suggested by the student's home university. The entire internal procedure (legal approval and signatures) at MPU is carried out by the International Office.

To request the model agreement or clarify doubts, send an email to