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Press Release Discovery-Mackenzie 5-6 Maio 2017 | Inauguração do Mackenzie Research Group in Science, Faith and Society – Discovery-Mackenzie.


On May 5-6, Discovery-Mackenzie will be inaugurated as a new research group of Mackenzie Presbyterian University, 930 Consolação Street, Higienópolis Campus in São Paulo - Brazil. On the Friday evening of May 5, at 6:00 pm, the Discovery-Mackenzie office will be inaugurated (free entry for subscribers). It will include a library, training room and workshops, reading room and offices. This event will be followed by an inauguration ceremony at 7:30 pm in the auditorium of the American School. At these events, a delegation of renowned fellows from Discovery Institute-USA (DI-USA) will be present, including the president of DI-USA, Steven J. Buri, and three of its top affiliated researchers: Michel Behe, Douglas Axe and Brian Miller.

Biochemist Michel Behe is famous worldwide for his bestseller “Darwin’s Black Box,” a book that sparked a broad discussion of the viability of Darwinian evolution and helped launch modern intelligent design (ID) theory based on recent research from biochemistry. Molecular biologist Douglas Axe is another well-known scientist who supports intelligent design and is author of the bestseller, "Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition Life Is Designed.” Axe is Director of Biologic Institute, a research center associated with DI-USA. In his book, Douglas Axe argues that ID, in the light of modern biology, is intuitive to all as well as being confirmed by science. Physicist Brian Miller has a Ph.D. in Physics from Duke University and has delivered many lectures around the world on topics of ID and its implications to the Christian worldview.

Several authorities and directors of the Mackenzie Presbyterian University will participate in the inaugural activities on Friday, as will members of the Brazilian Society of Intelligent Design - TDI BRAZIL. During the inauguration, the plans and objectives of Discovery-Mackenzie and its relevance in the current heated debate between faith and science will be presented. Also during Friday evening, Michael Behe and Douglas Axe will deliver lectures on the evidence of intelligent design in nature.

On Saturday, May 6, an intensive intelligent design training course will be offered for invited people by both DI-USA and Discovery-Mackenzie researchers, with the goal of training teachers and lecturers on the general principles of intelligent design and its viability as an alternative to Darwinian evolution.  To register for the DI course on Saturday May 06 please send an email ( with your name and email plus a justification as to why you should participate.

Special Guests

Douglas Axe

Is author of the book Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition Life is Designed and Director of Biologic Institute, a research organization funded by Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture. Axe earned his Ph.D. at Caltech and has held postdoctoral and research scientist positions in Great Britain at the University of Cambridge, the Cambridge Medical Research Council Centre, and the Babraham Institute in Cambridge. His research uses both experiments and computer simulations to examine the functional and structural constraints on the evolution of proteins and protein systems.

Michael J. Behe

Is Professor of Biological Sciences at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania and a Senior Fellow at Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture. He received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Pennsylvania. His book Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution helped inspire the modern intelligent design movement in biology and was named by National Review as one of the 100 most important non-fiction books of the 20th century. Behe has written about his views for The New York Times and has lectured at universities around the world.

Steven J. Buri

Is President of Discovery Institute, the intellectual hub of the modern intelligent design movement as well as a center for research in areas such as technology, education, bioethics, and free-market economics. Buri previously served as Executive Director of Stewardship Partners, a free-market environmental organization, and as a senior staff member to United States Senator Slade Gorton. He also has served as Mayor of the city of Newcastle near Seattle. In 2010, he was selected by the American Council of Young Political Leaders to participate in an American political delegation to Nepal.

Brian Miller

Is Research Coordinator for the Center for Science and Culture at Discovery Institute. He holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Duke University. He speaks internationally on college campuses around the world on topics such as intelligent design and a Christian worldview. He also has consulted for churches and businesses on organizational and strategic development, and he is a technical consultant for the Aslan Guild, a startup inventors’ guild dedicated to bringing innovation to the marketplace.


Place: American School Auditorium - Mackenzie São Paulo

Friday, May 5

6pm - Opening of the Discovery-Mackenzie office.

7:30pm - Opening Ceremony - Participation of Mackenzie authorities and the president of the Discovery Institute – USA, Steven J. Buri, and other guests.

8:15pm - Presentation of Discovery-Mackenzie. Plans and goals: By Marcos N. Eberlin, president of TDI BRASIL.

8:30pm - Opening Lecture 1- Michael Behe - "Celebrating the Twenty Years of Irreducible Complexity: The First Pillar of the Intelligent Design Theory".

9pm - Opening Lecture 2 - Douglas Axe - "Indeniable: How biochemistry confirms our intuition that life was designed".

9:30pm - Closing Words.

Saturday, May 6

9am – 5pm - Training Course for Guests on the Intelligent Design Theory.

The course will be taught by TDI pioneers and experts from the USA and Brazil - among them Steven J. Buri (president of DI-USA), Michel Behe (author of the bestseller " Darwin Black Box"), Douglas Axe (author of the bestseller "Undeniable") and Brian Miller (coordinator of the Center for Science and Culture - DI-USA), Marcos N. Eberlin (executive president of TDI-BRASIL) and Enézio Almeida Filho (president emeritus of TDI-BRASIL). The course aims to correctly and accurately introduce the main postulates of the Theory of Intelligent Design and thus train teachers, speakers and leaders to give opinions, lectures and classes on TDI.